There is a new rub in town A Quincy Quarry news photo

There is a new rub in town!
A Quincy Quarry news photo

– News about Quincy MA from Quincy Quarry News.

Quincy Mayor Koch’s plans for Quincy Center enjoy a happy beginning?

Given arguably the first new actually realized and so opened up for business new development in Quincy Center in the wake of duly embattled incumbent Mayor Koch’s recent announcement of three pending projects in Quincy Center, Quincy Quarry can thus only properly announce the opening of yet another massage parlor in Quincy Center and which has long putatively been the South Shore capital of massage.

In the wake of Quincy Quarry long running long running stories on the many businesses closing up shop in Quincy in recent months, surely this opening bodes well for needed additional local massage supply capacity given the mayor’s fueling of plans to bring thousands more residents and resultant additional traffic into the Q over the next several years.

An ill-advised Facebook posting by Koch spokesmodel Backwalker

An ill-advised Facebook posting by Koch spokesmodel Walkbacker

The Quarry considered reaching out to the mayor’s spokesmodel Chris “Pinnochio” Walkbacker for comment about this new venue for obtaining the relaxation of built up tension as well as if he might consider patronizing it, but this paper already knows what he would say as well as does and thus it did not bother.

At the same time, Quincy Quarry will continue monitoring business permit filings to see if a nail shop might also soon be opening nearby.

That and monitoring the mayor’s calendar to see if he will be attending this new business’s happy beginnings grand opening as well as try out its likely to be Thai cuisine grand opening buffet.

Another happy ending? A Quincy Quarry news photo

Another soon to be happy customer opposite the library?
A Quincy Quarry news photo

The Quarry might also note that this new Thai massage venue is located at 1566 Hancock Street, roughly opposite the Grandasia special events formal dress emporium and does so so that the every growing legions of loyal Quincy Quarry readers do not confuse it with the similarly named Thai Wellness Center on Washington Street opposite the Crane Library.

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