<![CDATA[A Shade off paint job - a Quincy Quarry News Photo<br />  Click on image for larger picture to better see color difference
– News about Quincy MA from Quincy Quarry
Quincy Center’s sideways hit & run accident scene has been fixed to as near as good as new.
The replacement plywood was painted early last week, albeit with a barely distinguishable only up close slightly different shade of dark blue.
Then again, property owner Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance Company is a casualty insurance company and thus knows plenty of repair companies.

DPW Commissioner Dan "Spanky" Raymondi - a City of Quincy photo

DPW Commissioner Dan “Spanky” Raymondi – a City of Quincy photo

That and Quincy Mutual has long been known for its immaculately maintained headquarters nearby.
Unfortunately, however, the City of Quincy has failed to endeavor to learn what it could from such Best Practices so as to henceforth effect such timely as well as surely cost-effective repairs. That and tips on how best to AVOID suffering catastrophic disasters.
For example, tightening up the security of the old City Hall after the two copper thefts from its construction site shortly before it devastated by fire care of a careless alleged copper heist.
Backside of sideways hit & run accident scene <br />A Quincy Quarry News photo

Backside of sideways hit & run accident scene
A Quincy Quarry News photo

At last report, the renovation of old City Hall was projected to perhaps be completed by June. In what year, however, was not announced.
Similarly, only a projection of an anticipated $1.5mm in fire damage repair costs has been announced whereas no word of the to be expected non-insurance reimbursable costs – much less the also expected cost overruns to be expected on a Koch Maladministration project – has as yet been uttered nor it any such word expected to be heard anytime soon absent – say –  “Enhanced Interrogation Techniques.”
Quincy Quarry can thus only warn readers to prepare for the worst until it does happen yet again.

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