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Quincy Center has been yet again hit with road construction woes and the resultant road rage of those affected by the chaos. This time, the cause appears to be dyslexia.
Orange traffic barrels were set out along the 1200 block of Hancock on Wednesday November 19 announcing a no parking emergency for November 12.
Long put upon businesses in what’s left of fire-ravaged Quincy Center and its ever-decreasing availability of parking – for the general public, that is – were besides themselves and thus expecting the worst on the 21st assuming a dyslexic transposition as well as yet again absent any advance notice for any such construction work as promised by City Hall.

Transposed date traffic cone - A Quincy Quarry Photo

Transposed date traffic cone – A Quincy Quarry Photo

While substantial construction did not occur on Friday, November 21, business in the area was off substantially from even the recent lows and so confirming of business owners’ worst fears.
Comment from City Hall on this latest communications snafu was not offered.  Perhaps everyone among the Koch Maladministration was too busy overspinning up the recent announcement of an estimated but $50 million apartment building project announced as (but still, ed.) pending at the former and exact same site of Street-Works’ long ago imploded plans for a $130 million project.
When hard number specifics on a similar downsizing of the now-expected maximum potential of development of Quincy Center will be extracted from City Hall remains to be, well, extracted.
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"End Road Work" sign, not near any road work Quincy Quarry News Photo.

“End Road Work” sign, not near any road work
Quincy Quarry News Photo.


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