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The City of Quincy’s Coddington Hall renovation project continues to suffer safety concerns.
Over the past weekend, a 2 person crew working on Coddington Hall was operating a large motorized cherry picker while both were aloft and in public alley way that services the huge Presidents Place parking garage.
This work was done by the but two person crew without relying on either any physical traffic safety items (e.g., traffic cones) nor anyone on the ground to otherwise monitor traffic (see photo, left).
Even more troubling, exclusive Quincy Quarry photos show that both workers were not wearing hard hats per its understanding of both worker safety regulations and standard safety practices.
Additionally, while Quincy Quarry was no able to successfully secure photographic proof, it appeared that the two workers in the cherry picker’s basket did not have their personal safety harnesses duly attached to the basket.
Not only is failing to properly use a safety harness a violation of safety regulations, a City of Quincy Department of Public Works employee somewhat recently died after falling from a cherry picker while not duly using a safety harness.
Unfortunately, as the cherry picker was a rental, Quincy Quarry could not do its civic duty to inform the entity operating the cherry picker of these potentially deadly violations of safety regulations by the work crew.
Given previous concerns with the suspect operation of cranes on the City Hall project reported by Quincy Quarry shortly before this project went up in flames, the city’s apparent continuing indifference to monitoring worker and public safety can only be viewed as disconcerting.]]>

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