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Coddington Construction & Code Concerns – A Quincy Quarry Exclusive Report – from Quincy Quarry’s inaugural issue appears to have at least helped catalyze corrective actions by the City of Quincy.
In Quincy Quarry’s initial coverage on the Coddington Hall renovation project, it exposed various as well as obvious concerns about this $10.5 million dollar, running late and over budget project.
One concern then so noted: the apparent jerry-rigging of the building code required hard wire fire alarm system for the building. (See telephone pole photo below, right.)
It would now appear that construction workers are replacing the aerial wire jerry-rig with far more secure conduit phone cable. (See Coddington Hall Road Construction photo left.)
If so, the City is doing the same job twice.

Jerry-rigged wires on telephone pole Quincy Quarry News Photo

Jerry-rigged wires on telephone pole
Quincy Quarry News Photo

Once so as to help secure a temporary occupancy permit so that at least some city employees could finally move into the building roughly two months behind schedule as per the standard Koch Administration never done on time major project protocols; and, now again to effect a permanent solution.
Per Quincy Quarry’s exclusive contacts with appropriately knowledgeable private sector project managers, the jerry-rig and now apparently but short term temporary Band-Aid© fix probably cost upwards of $5,000.00.
As for the redo, local taxpayers are now facing as much as an additional $15,000.00 hit to install a robust conduit replacement, inclusive of all costs.
For example, police details – if, that is, any were duly utilized.
Conversely, if the suspected conduit work was done per a last minute change order, such “time and materials” redo work could cost taxpayers even more.
As this is both a breaking story as well as that Quincy Quarry knows better than to waste its valuable time asking City Hall for comment which City Hall will never provide, QQ has no comment from the Koch Administration on this latest apparent cost overrun on the Coddington Hall renovation project.
Accordingly, Quincy Quarry thus also has no comment from the City of Quincy as to the apparent serious building code violation arising from storm water improperly draining off of the Coddington Hall parking onto the adjacent sidewalk.
As Quincy Quarry readers will recall, this problem was also addressed in QQ’s original exposé on the suspected construction problems on the late to finish and over budget Coddington Hall renovation project.
Traffic cones in main pedestrian access way to Coddington Hall <br />Quincy Quarry News Photo

Traffic cones in main pedestrian access way to Coddington Hall
Quincy Quarry News Photo

In the meanwhile, orange traffic cones have since been placed in the main pedestrian access way to Coddington Hall (See main pedestrian access way photo, left).
One can thus only logically assume that drivers desperately seeking parking spaces in parking space-scare Quincy Center are mistaking the pedestrian access way as a driveway entrance into the Coddington Hall parking lot. (See also Related Stores below.)
Expect more exclusive Quincy Quarry coverage on the Coddington Hall construction conundrums as this latest municipal sector mess appears to continue to fester.

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