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The Watergate Scandal is far from the only instance that an inside leak provided valuable information essential to exposing a major political scandal.

It may, however, be one of the first times that such has happened to the current Administration in Quincy Massachusetts’s City Hall.

While waiting in a garage to meet with “French Kiss” to pick up the latest diming out dirt for yet another pending as well as exclusive Quincy Quarry exposé, Quincy Quarry investigative reporter Carl Woodward picked up the following conversation on his police scanner.

Apparently, someone left a police radio on in City Hall and so made the following a public broadcast and which – in turn – is thus free to publish the transcription of same herein without any limitations or other restrictions.

Editor’s Note: This is Part One of an open-ended Quincy Quarry Exclusive Series with more parts to follow


Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch: Jim, come to my office IMMEDIATELY!

City of Quincy Consigliere James Timid: OK.

Consigliere Timid: (Upon entering the mayoral suite) Tommy, what’s up?

Mayor Koch: Quincy Quarry is what’s up – way up apparently.

Consigliere: (Dead silence)

Koch: It has to be shut down.

Consigliere: What do you have in mind?

Koch: Sue them, get an injunction – anything.

Consigliere: On what legal basis?

Koch: Who needs a basis? Just to do it.

Consigliere: Tom, we need a legal basis. Remember what happened to us with the Merit Alliance lawsuit?

Koch: OK, how about all of the things Quincy Quarry is saying about me.

Consigliere: Tom – two problems. One is Free Speech. The other is that what Quincy Quarry is publishing is true.

Koch: Damn, I guess I have to concede your second point, but what’s Free Speech?

Consigliere: The First Amendment.

Koch: The what?

Consigliere: The Constitution – surely you even you have heard of it.

Koch: That doesn’t apply does it – at least not in Quincy so long as I am mayor does it?

Consigliere: Well, not normally – but things have changed. For starters, you backed Grossman in the primary because Josephine & Joe told you to do so, but then he lost and Marsha never forgets.

Koch: Surely Kiley can smooth things over. After all, he and Marsha go way back.

Consigliere: (Dead silence)

Koch: Well?

Consigliere: Tom, do the math. I know that you have trouble with numbers, but here’s the equation anyway: You backed Steve. Steve lost to Marsha in the primary. Marsha was already fed up with you protecting you long before the election. Now she is at some risk from continuing to look the other way come November. You, in turn, have no room for error – as in absolutely NONE whatsoever.

Koch: Jim – come on, the rules don’t apply to me. Plus, you know that I can’t follow the math.

Consigliere: Tom, sooner or later, chickens come home to roost. Even worse, what do you think is going to happen after Baker buries Marsha in November?

Similarly, do you not have any appreciation as to what Marsha could do to you in 7 weeks – and that’s before ANY consideration of the possibility of her reaching out to Carmen. After all, with what all Marsha surely has in her files, you could become toast in a heartbeat with the feds.

Koch: Not to worry, Joe tells Josephine to have someone at Conner call Barack. Problems solved.

Consigliere: Not that simple Tom. Again, remember: Baker is looking to be the one to end up in Corner Office come January.

Koch: Not to worry, Kirsten can smooth things over with Baker.

Consigliere: You are overlooking two key points. One, Ariel is looking likely to end up with an even bigger job with Baker come the first of the year than being a lowly ward heeler in Quincy. As such, where’s your leverage with her?  And the other: what have you ever done to ingratiate yourself with Kirsten – or any other female with a serious career for that matter?

Koch: Not to worry – surely the Party can at least retain control of the Attorney General’s office.

Consigliere: Maybe, but does the Democratic Party want to protect you? Look what happened to Tierney and who only knows what prosecutors might uncover on him on his way out the door – much less what we know that they could find out about us.

Plus, when Healey beats Miller in November as expected, she’s surely going to eventually find out about your innate issues with her lifestyle.

Koch: But those views are matter of faith. Surely she can and will respect that.

Consigliere: Oh, and so now you are also so tempting turning practically all of our local clergy to turn against you regardless of what Rome says? Hello!!!

Koch: Good point, I’ll sent my niece to call on Healy with a gift fruit basket.

Consigliere: Bad idea, even by your standards.

Koch: OK, back to Square One – you need to get a court order to shutdown Quincy Quarry.

Consigliere: Are you not listening? The Constitution rules – even in Quincy.

Koch: Then sue the Quarry.

Consigliere: Again, on what basis?

Koch: Make one up if you have to – just do it.

Consigliere: Yet again, it doesn’t work that way. I have to have something – but we got nothing. Plus, how do we pay for things?

Koch: The same we way that we always do – with tax receipts.

Consigliere: Can’t do it Tom.

Koch: Why not – we’ve done so before – as well as often.

Consigliere: Well, for starters, you can’t use tax money for your own personal political ends.

Koch: Never stopped me before.

Consigliere: Good point, but the City Council will surely raise a stink.

Koch: Right, like they’ve ever really done anything to stop me on anything.

Consigliere: Another good point – but we’ve still got nothing.

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Editor’s Note: This is Part One of a Special Series


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