MBTA Toilet Paper Cost Saving Device.

MBTA Toilet Paper Cost Saving Device.
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“Serious problems demand drastic actions,” said MBTA spokesperson C. Browne-Sheets.

Additional planned cost saving steps include not repairing station bathrooms. Per Browne-Sheets, this step is expected to not only save tens of thousands of rolls of toilet paper a year but also cut MBTA water and sewer bills by millions. When asked about the potential impact on maintenance of this particular non-action item, Browne-Sheets went mute.

Another MBTA operational practice>br/>A cheatsheet.com image

Also not answered in spite of repeated questioning by Quincy Quarry was whether – or not – the MBTA would be concurrently reducing its union plumber staffing levels.

Browne-Sheets did, however, note that additional paper saving efforts include that the MBTA will continue to refuse to agree to release data on its employee pension fund. This step alone is expected to continue to save many grosses of reams of paper that are currently already not being wasted.

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