Cleared curb to curb and heavy on the salt
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

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Quincy City Hall Snow Job mystery solved!

Given light snowfall events in Quincy to date this winter, the newshounds at Quincy Quarry have been struggling to ascertain how the hard surfaces to the entrance to Quincy’s City Hall have all but been fully cleared of snow both shortly after the few but modest snowfalls this winter as well as by first thing in the morning even over a three days long holiday weekend.

The Quincy Quarry News newshounds out and about on better days for them to do what they love to do
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Sliding away on the main library sidewalk
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

The answer: a specially-bought but rarely used roughly fifteen thousand dollar retail new mini-tractor equipped with a several thousand dollar snow sweeper option!

So what, apparently, if other heavily traveled municipal sidewalks around Quincy are often ill-cleared at best as well as typically frozen over solid in the wake of snowstorm.

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