The app that was supposed to help the Iowa Democratic Party quickly report Monday’s caucus results – but instead contributed to confusion and a muddled result as campaigns were in an uproar – is linked to Hillary Clinton campaign veterans.

There’s an app for that …
A Richard Drew/AP photo

– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

App used in Iowa Democratic caucuses fiasco linked to ex-Clinton campaign staffers.

Needless to say, the blogosphere has erupted with all manner of both progressive moonbats and Trumpian wingnut posting rants, conspiracy theories, and even worse.

Reality: this hot mess of a mess is a compelling reason against relying on a social media phone app, especially in a setting such as last night’s still lingering fiasco.

Additionally, the timing could not be worse what with President Trump presenting the State of the Union tonight and the expected votes in the Senate tomorrow against impeaching Trump.

Kayfabe rules!
A file photo

Not only do the media have only a limited amount of bandwidth available to cover only so much hitting the fan concurrently, the Democrats’ Iowa caucuses fiasco will both undermine the official opening day launch of the Democrats’ challenge of President Trump as well as help provide cover for any Democrat senator(s) who might care to vote against one or perhaps even both of the House of Representative’s two problematic articles of impeachment.


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