The average single-family home in Quincy is valued at $492,900 for 2020.  A Gary Higgins/Patriot Ledger file photo.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Quincy homeowners facing a 2020 property tax jobbing.

In the wake of last year’s modest election year average residential property tax increase of $120, this year Quincy homeowners are facing an average $271 increase on their property tax bills, an increase of over twice both the projected rate of inflation for this year as well as last year’s property tax bill increase.

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As usual, a local well-known gadfly of a quant has posted a very pithy comment to the South Shore broadsheet’s coverage on the tax hike and which unravels the usual Koch and mirrors foisted by the Koch Maladministration and which were then pimped by various members of the Quincy City Council.

Accordingly, about all Quincy Quarry can provide is a succinct summary of the gadfly’s latest critique: that the Koch Maladministration continues to spend at rates several times greater than the rate of inflation while at the same time also running up hundreds of million in subprime-like balloon payment debt to bet on the come that sufficient new development will both come to Quincy Center as well as in a timely manner.

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That and how City Hall continues to tap dance around the fact that the City of Quincy’s employee pension fund has during the tenure of the Koch Maladministration become even more woefully underfunded to meet its pension obligations than even the MBTA and is so facing pointed scrutiny by the state pension board. 

Source: Quincy homeowners will see 2020 tax hike

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