Mayor Martin Walsh is returning the $3,000-plus his campaign has raked in over the past two years from pot company executives, shedding the cash after the Herald asked about the donations.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Boston Mayor Walsh returning over $3,000 in campaign donations from pot shop peeps

While Boston Mayor Walsh often sounds like it, he is no dope when it come to accepting dope money.even if the campaign donations are from Commonwealth Massachusetts approved dealers, especially after the Boston Herald asked about these donations.

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“Mayor Walsh has a strict policy of not accepting donations from individuals who have marijuana business pending before the city and the Walsh Campaign makes an effort to carefully vet all donors with this in mind. Now that we are aware of these donations they will be returned immediately,” said campaign spokeswoman Megan Costello. 

Walsh’s campaign added that he had previously returned over $10,000 in similar donations.

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Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch, on the other hand, has both accepted and apparently retained campaign fund donations from parties variously tied to Quincy’s but one (legally licensed, ed.) pot shop.

And at least equally troubling, not to mention involving even more money, Mayor Koch has also continued to accept campaign donations from individuals who have been hit with expensive Disposition Agreements fines for making illegal straw donations to his campaign fund.  

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Further, although surely but coincidentally Mayor Koch provided two of them with very considerable financial incentives on their Quincy Center apartment building project and who are said to have two more Quincy Center redevelopment agreements with the City of Quincy to be unveiled by Mayor Koch in the coming months.

Source: Boston Mayor Walsh giving back $3,000-plus from pot companies

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