Rep. Joe Kennedy had nothing derogatory to say about Ed Markey and didn’t try to spell out differences on issues.

Tied at the hip? Ed Markey (right)
A Michael Dwyer AP image

– News covered by Quincy Quarry News.

Representative Joe Kennedy III Calls Senator Ed Markey “a good man.”

Representative Joseph Kennedy III met with reporters for the first time since his interest in possibly challenging Senator Ed Markey and had nothing derogatory to say about Markey.

Translation: “Trey” is likely gearing up to endeavor to “primary” the third senator from Maryland.

Democratic Party going to war with itself?
A file photo

In turn, Senator Malarky is gearing up to go to the mattresses with his hiring of long time and hardball Massachusetts political power player John E. Walsh as his top campaign aide.

As such, expect blood. 

Lots of it.

Source: Rep. Joe Kennedy Calls Ed Markey ‘A Good Man’ After Confirming Possible Senate Run

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