In a heated discussion about Governor Charlie Baker’s appointment of Taunton Mayor Thomas Hoye (at the podium) as interim Bristol County Register of Probate, the Governor’s Council has slammed the brakes on an attempt to quick confirm Hoye.  Image via the Boston Herald.

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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.

Governor’s Council blocks confirmation of Taunton mayor to probate job.

In news that surely raises concerns for a current lameduck as well as now also looking to be a dead duck City of Quincy ward councillor’s hopes to be named to cushy no heavy living district court judgeship or perhaps an even less lifting Clerk Magistrate gig, the Governor’s Council is actually at least affecting its role of passing judgement on certain gubernatorial appointments.

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Specifically, at least some among the Governor’s Council are asking questions in the wake of Republican Governor Baker’s curiously timed announcement roughly but a day before the deadline for filing to run for election for Mayor of Taunton this fall that Baker was nominating Taunton Mayor Thomas Hoye as Bristol County’s interim Registrar of Probate.

Not only does the Governor Baker’s actions potentially set up Republican Hoye with a leg up for election as the Registrar of Probate at a later date, this last minute appointment also appears to have attempted to set up someone favored to be the only person to have filed in time to run for Mayor of Taunton this coming fall.

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As the Governor’s Council, which vets such Governor appointments, has Democrats as members, this two for one special has raised a stink.

Per the Boston tabloid, “The Governor’s Council slammed the brakes on an attempt to confirm Taunton Mayor Thomas Hoye without a hearing as Bristol County’s interim register of probate Wednesday in a heated discussion over Governor Charlie Baker’s appointment.”

Reasons for slowing things down included that at least some on the Governor Council are saying that they need to learn more about Hoye’s qualifications.

In other words, time to play some Delay Game.

Further, an independent Beacon Hill news service reports that one council member is saying the entire nomination process is “very concerning,” in an apparent reference to Governor Baker’s curious timely of his appointment of Hoye so close to the filing deadline to run for Mayor in Taunton.

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Quincy Quarry, however, is not shocked.  At least not as compared with all other sorts of more troubling mischief that are typically committed on Beacon Hill during just a slow Friday.

Source: Governor’s Council blocks confirmation of Taunton mayor to probate job

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