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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Hacks getting whacked!

This week all manner of state and local governmental operations took hits.

Wicked serious hits as in over the Green Monster and onto Commonwealth Avenue, if not into the Charles River.

Ride at your peril
A Statco Communications image

Earlier this week the MBTA finally formally acknowledged on a summer Friday so as to endeavor to take advantage of a quite weekend news cycle to announce what only apparently Quincy Quarry had exposéd previously:

Specifically, how the previously announced expected by August 15 fix of but some of the train control equipment destroyed in a Red Line train derailment at JFK station would only yield but an incremental fix towards returning Red Line service back to its usual merely but erratic level of service.

A couple of stooges go down in court
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Next up, Boston Mayor Marty Walsh saw a couple of his senior aides convicted of extortion and one of them also convicted of conspiracy in federal court on Wednesday over their forcing a concert promoter to hire union labor or else.

Mayor Walsh then issued the only to be expected I didn’t know nothing statement shortly after the guilty verdicts were announced even if the underlying and now convicted criminal acts were at generally known as well as questioned by at least some senior officials in Boston’s City Hall.

At the same time, the City of Quincy was not to be outdone as it hit the breaking badly bad news© daily double this past week or thereabouts.

FedEx Ground to end up grounded in Marina Bay?
A Greg Derr/Patriot Ledger image

First up, City Hall was taken to task by the Southshore broadsheet for approving on the down low the final permitting of FedEx’s plans to open up a ground delivery distribution adjacent to Marina Bay and which will add considerable traffic congestion at most hours during the day and night as well as at least six days a week onto the already overwhelmed and ever-increasingly mean streets of Quincy.

Your tax dollars …
A image

In fairness, however, it must be noted that Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch needs to scrounge up all of the new local tax revenue he can grift so as to cover his free spending ways with taxpayers’ money.

And speaking of the ever-increasingly mean streets of Quincy as well as getting whacked, on Wednesday a Quincy police officer responding to an emergency medical call with his cruiser’s lights flashing but without its siren wailing hit a locally beloved seventy-nine year old and longtime local barber who was crossing Independence Avenue in the Penn’s Hill neighborhood.

Fortunately, the senior citizen was not killed.

Unfortunately, at last report he was in critical condition at Boston Medical Center.

Missing Person?
A City of Quincy mugshot

And in the meanwhile as near as Quincy Quarry can tell, neither Quincy Police Chief Paul “The Beav” Keenan nor his brother-in-law Mayor Thomas P. Koch have subjected themselves to the only to be expected press conference.

Then again, as the prime directive of the Koch Maladministration appears to be never say it is sorry, much less ever acknowledge accountability and/or responsibility, this latest example of ducking and covering was only to be expected.

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