A group of grazing goats escaped their pen and ate their way through a neighborhood in Issaquah Washington yesterday

Making the news, eating it – whatever
A file photo

– News from elsewhere covered by Quincy Quarry News 

Goat herd overruns neighborhood.

Upwards of two hundred goats clearing potentially incendiary undergrowth ran amok and so overrun a Issaquah Highlands, Washington neighborhood Tuesday evening before they were corralled by a goatherd and his border collie.

Apparently the foliage was greener on the other side of their enclosure.

Back in the slammer
a file photo

Said Craig Madsen, owner of Healing Hooves Natural Vegetation Management and thus also the goats, one goat probably bumped another goat into the fence enclosing them, so knocking it down, ” … (a)nd when one goat goes, they all go.”

“Goats are goats,” added Madsen.  “They’re not like a machine you can turn on and off.  They have minds of their own.”

Source: Escaped goats invade Issaquah neighborhood

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