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No Joke.

Don’s Joke Shop is no more. 

Arguably the second to the last remaining retail store from Quincy Center’s heyday as Shoppers Town USA has closed.

Reports Sean Quincy Adams on Facebook:

END OF AN ERA – I always said that if Don’s Joke Shop closed, then the entire Square would collapse.

Others joked that it was a mafia front.  I mean, how could a store that sells stink bombs and fart machines possibly survive in a downtrodden area that has seen so many other businesses fail?  Well, the day has come.

Yet again A City On The Move hits the fan
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What is possibly the oldest store in The Square is now gone forever.  I was walking down to the bank this morning when I noticed the front door open.  I remember walking in there as a kid in the 80s. The owner, Don, would pop up from behind the counter and squirt you with fake mustard, or offer you a dollar before snatching it back with a string mechanism hidden in his palm.

Today, I walked in there and heard, “sorry, we’re closed.” 

Closed?  I was met by Don’s brother and nephew.

They were cleaning up the shop and packing away all our childhood memories.

Both men were very somber. They informed me that Donald Savoie, the 83 year old owner, was very sick and has about two weeks to live.  So sad!

I gave the men my condolences.  They allowed me to take some pictures and I let them know that Don was a legend.  That some of the best memories I have of my own father, was coming into this shop with him and my brother as a child.

That era, with Woolworth’s, Child World, TAJ, Colemans, and Dons Joke Shop, seemed so long ago!  It seemed like the 1950s.  It was a different era.  I wish we could tell Don how much we appreciated his presence in Quincy Square.  He will be missed! 

Thanks for the laughs, Don!

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