Boston-area voters are really frustrated with transportation — and they don’t like how the MBTA has been handled by state leaders.

Digruntled strap hangers
A Robin Lubbock/WBUR image

– News from elsewhere covered by Quincy Quarry News.

Poll finds only 29% approve of the way Governor Baker has handled the MBTA mess.

Fortunately, as well as surprisingly, Massachusetts Republican Governor Charlie Baker continues to enjoy a 69% favorably rating overall, the highest favorability rating for any governor in the United States.

Quincy Quarry suspects the basis for these seemingly contradictory findings arises from those polled cutting the governor some slack given that the he inherited the long ongoing mess that is the MBTA.

Worn out and blown out Red Line train
Twitter Photo via Catherine Groux

Plus, with Baker not even one year into his second four year term, he has a couple of years to see impending upgrades to the T, including the replacement of ancient Orange and Red Line cars, to change public opinion should he opt to run for an unprecedented third four year term as Governor of the Commonwealth

Source: WBUR Poll: Just 29% Approve Of The Way Baker Has Handled The MBTA

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