Twelve days ago, two Quincy city councilors told Quincy Mayor Thomas Koch that they were tabling discussion of his plan to create a separate downtown budget for employees dedicated solely to Quincy Center operations, arguing it sets up an unfair advantage for a single city neighborhood.

Will things hit the fan at tonight’s council meeting?
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Will the Quincy City Council tonight deny Mayor Koch’s request to spend millions on a new downtown department?

Twelve days ago, Quincy city council members tabled the Koch Maladministration’s audacious ask for the separate off books accounting of its proposed $5.4 million budget for yet another new city department.

Always – ALWAYS – follow the Koch Maladministration’s money trails
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And now tonight, the Quincy City Council will be hearing what the maladministration is now planning to foist as its latest bookkeeping slight of hand at the last (official) hearing by the City Council before it recess for the summer.

Without going into an arcane inside baseball accounting discussion, the originally proposed legerdemain sought to move $5.4 million in Fiscal Year 2020 Koch Administration spending out of the budge and into its own separate off-books books.

In turn, such surely but coincidentally would also so camouflage the $5.4 million spending increase on top of the acknowledged $14 million spending increase proposed for FY 2020 by the Koch Maladministration.

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That and concurrently finesse the hiring of three more city employees without bothering to go through the formal requirements to first seek the City Council’s approval to add new city positions per applicable local ordinances, policies, and past practice.

For a sound detailing of the problems with the creative off-books bookkeeping proposed by La Kocha Nostra, see a cogent explanation authored by a well-known local gadfly and which was recently published in the South Shore Broadsheet.

To be or not to be minions, that is the question
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At this point, will the City Council finally display some spinal rectitude tonight and push back against this latest Koch and mirrors grift or will they yet again allow themselves to be rolled by the Koch Maladministration?

And speaking of grifts, the Koch Maladministration is also planning to press for approval of its proposed FoxRock Land Disposal Agreement which curiously, if not also perhaps at least improperly, ties the sale of the former Quincy Hospital site with the sale of city property in Quincy Center.

Wealthy connected Special interests only get richer in the Q
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Then again, considering how these variously contingent sales only entail at most perhaps but four million and change coming the City of Quincy’s way while at the same time the Koch Maladministration is concurrently proposing to hand out somewhere in the mid-nine figure range worth of incentives to FoxRock and which will be variously subsidized by various local taxpayers, to present this latest land disposal agreement as a land sale would clearly appear to be at least a curious representation, if not in fact actually a patent misrepresentation.

Then again, Kochonomics is all but invariably fraught with Koch and mirrors.

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