Worcester has already made some “preliminary inroads” with Hasbro executives as the city looks to lure another Pawtucket business to Worcester Center.

Pawtucket about to get super soaked?
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Worcester has tossed a fat one right over the plate so as to endear to land Hasbro Toy’s corporate headquarters and more.

After first landing the Pawtucket Red Sox to soon be playing in its impending Polar Park, the City of Worcester has made some “preliminary inroads” with Hasbro executives as the city looks to lure another Pawtucket business to relocate to Worcester.

Rendering of Worcester’s planned Polar Park ballpark for the Wusta Red Sox
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And in a double play of a sort, Worcester is dangling a possible relocation site within the impending $240 million ballpark and mixed-use development that will be the new home of the Pawtucket Red Sox.

Worcester’s Chief Development Officer Michael Traynor is on the record noting that Worcester is “…very interested in bringing Hasbro to Worcester; both to the Left Field Office building (for a new headquarters location, ed.) … and their manufacturing operations as well.”

The Pawtucket-based Hasbro, which currently has a market value of $12.7 billion as well as 5,000 employees, has publicly said it is mulling whether or not to leave Rhode Island.

In turn, the Massachusetts Office of Business Development has publicly responded that it is working to lure the toy company out of Rhode Island.

Charlie, I need another favor, a really big favor …
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Given Worcester’s seeking to land a whale of an employer to continue its recent coups to see its redevelopment plans of its long moribund Worcester Center, Quincy Quarry considered reaching out to the City of Quincy’s whale of a mayor to ask if he might be secretly encouraging the Portland Sea Dogs as well as perhaps also entice Woodard and Curran – his longtime engineering consultant and also Portland-based, to relocate to Quincy, only to figure why bother ending up left on hold interminably .

North Quincy High’s controversial spors complex
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Even so, bringing the Sea Dogs to the Q does make sense in light of rumors the Koch Maladministration is already plotting to add the current site of Quincy Center’s Star Market, Rite Aid Pharmacy, and several small businesses into the Quincy Center redevelopment and special tax district.

Among other reasons to suspect as much, reliable sources have advised Quarry Quarry that the leases of these retail tenants of this slightly larger than the average strip mall will relatively soon expire and the property’s Texas-based owner then seeks to recoup at least some of the $25.6 million it appears to have overpaid for this property in 2004.

Wicked hot burn rate of taxpayer-funded funds?
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Additionally, seeking to develop another municipal stadium complex on private property currently generating property tax is entirely consistent with the Koch Administration’s real estate re-purposing strategy and which is funded by various taxpayers who are ever-increasingly looking to not be seeing much of a return on their investments, if any.

Source: Worcester jumps into the ring for Hasbro

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