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All manner of experts and political operatives are gearing up to read the juiciest Washington info dump in two decades.


The 400-page Mueller report, expected to land this week, is the most anticipated political read since Ken Starr, Monica Lewinsky and the stained blue dress. 



The report by special counsel Robert Mueller could be the biggest oppo dump in history


On the other hand, it could turn out to be a fizzle.


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Although Mueller didn’t find enough evidence to charge President Donald Trump for conspiring with Russia to win the White House, and Attorney General William Barr has concluded that it doesn’t show Trump obstructed justice, the report itself is still expected to be rich with details uncovered by the sweeping 22-month investigation.


Tweet wars impending
A Twitter graphic

As such, how does one wring the juice out of a behemoth of a legal document, full of redactions, at the speed of social media?


Needless to say, such is exactly what the tribes of American politics are gearing up to do.


From the moment the redacted report drops, the scramble will be on — to defend the president, to plan new lines of attack, or to put this whole big crazy story into the wider context of American history.


Needless to say, the feeding frenzy will be instant among the cable TV chattering classes and Twitter piranhas.

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