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Massachusetts Gaming Commission holding hearings on Wynn Resorts suitability to operate casino.


The Massachusetts Gaming Commission will conduct three days of hearings this week to consider the suitability of Wynn Resorts to hold a state license to operate the casino that the company is building in Everett.


The future of the casino was thrown into doubt following allegations of sexual misconduct against the company’s founder, Steve Wynn.


Gone but not yet forgotten and forgiven
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While Steven Wynn has since left Wynn Resorts as well as sold off all of his stock in the company in the wake of the Wall Street Journal exposing his long history of alleged sexual improprieties with mostly company employees, problems have continued to dog Wynn Resorts. 


For example, state gambling regulators in Nevada conducted their own investigation into  the allegations, and fined the company a record $20 million in February.  The Nevada investigation found that several former executives and board members knew about the allegations and the two settlements, but failed to investigate.


Rolling the dice
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In response, Wynn Resorts has gone to great lengths to undertake all manner of makeovers to its operations in the wake of the exposing of Steve Wynn’s purported improprieties so as to protect Wynn’s $2.5 billion investment in its pending casino operation in Everett, including rebranding the casino to Encore instead of per the usual Wynn brand.


At the end of the day the house always wynns …
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While Quincy Quarry suspects that Wynn Resorts will probably succeed at saving its Massachusetts gaming license, the Quarry must add that the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s obsession on Steve Wynn’s long alleged history of sexual obsessions appears to have all but completely resulted in the commission overlooking the long-known and probably still ongoing problems with how Wynn Resorts as well as other casino operators facilitate gambling junkets at their Macao casinos


That as well as very profitably so for at least Wynn Resorts.


Quincy Quarry is shocked, shocked …
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For example, per an expert read of the Massachusetts Gaming Commission’s under oath interview of Steven Wynn in 2013, the commission so obtained a road map as to obvious concerns.


Additionally, per a quick Google search, one can readily find that Macao casinos have long been exposéd for all manner of suspect activities with shady operators.


Money usually talks
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So far, however, the glitter of Las Vegas, jobs and considerable tax revenue are looking likely to sway things Wynn Resorts way even if Mohegan Sun, which runs a casino in Connecticut, has expressed an interest in buying the Boston-area casino should things hit the fan for Wynn Resorts.


Source: Gaming Commission To Hold Hearings This Week On Wynn Suitability To Run Everett Casino

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