Tough day in court
A Greg Derr/Patriot Ledger file photo

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Quincy Double Dipper’s appeal of eleven convictions for double dipping rejected.


A three judge federal court of appeals panel has upheld a now-former Quincy police lieutenant’s 2017 convictions for double dipping and sometimes even triple dipping, reports Quincy Quarry’s media brethren at the South Shore broadsheet.


The US Supreme Court
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Unknown at this time is if the Dipper is now planning to file an appeal to the United States Supreme Court, however much doing so would likely yield the same outcome.


What is reasonably safe to suspect is that one should not expect that the Dipper will now go quietly into the night.


No more police Harley rides
A Greg Derr/Patriot Ledger file photo

In the meanwhile, however, it should be noted that so far the Massachusetts State Police troopers who have to date pleaded guilty rather than insist on going to trial have been hit with one day sentence for grifting similar amounts to what the Dipper was convicted of embezzling to a three months long sentence for scamming roughly four times as much money as did the Dipper.


A Club Fed
A US Department of Corrections  photo

Conversely, by insisting on a trial, the Dipper was sentenced to a year and a day after he was convicted by a jury of his peers and then served most of it, less a several weeks or so given good behavior at Club Fed.


Source: Ex-Quincy cop Thomas Corliss loses appeal of conviction for double dipping

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