Will wonder ever cease?
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Quincy Parking Surprise?

Will wonders never cease?

So as to not jinx things on the last day of winter as well as do the best it can to report on good news in Quincy whenever it occurs, however rarely, Quincy Quarry is thus behooved to not point out how it has long exposéd how the City of Quincy has dissed the disabled and instead report on how the City has actually cleared snow from one of the precious few disabled parking spaced near City Hall.

Granted, reporting on this miracle with ice is a bit late.  There is, however, an explanation: given past events: fact checking took a while.

Plus, nearby regular curbside public parking was conversely impacted by piled snow until it finally melted away.

Parking snow banked
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In any event, as well as again, Quincy Quarry continues to suggest that area resident keep the  April Fool’s Day Blizzard in mind and thus local area resident might want to hold off on putting away snow shovels and rock salt until next winter until at least Opening Day at Fenway Park on April 9 against the Toronto Blue Jays.

Better yet, why not save some time and energy by not bother putting snow shovels and rock salt away until next winter. 

After all, what’s a little more clutter in the garage?

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