Piling it high at City Hall
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive photo

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Quincy Center Snow Piles.

In the wake of this week’s significant snowfall, Quincy Quarry News personnel spotted an interesting problem along the Hancock/Adams Common, better known as Kim Jong Koch Plaza to Quincy Quarry readers, in front of Quincy’s City Hall: snow piles piled high.

A number of them as a matter of photographically documented fact.

Piled high on Kim Jong Koch Plaza
Conjoined Quincy Quarry News photos

Piled high at Quincy High February 2015
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

These piles are ultimately the result of the fact that much of what was once grass is now covered over hard-surfaced paving and thus a need to put the snow somewhere.

In turn, these piles pose a question: what happens when a series of sizeable snowfall events occur over short period of time?

For example, ponder a repeat of the Winter of 2015.

That and likely to be increased costs care of considerably more additional care afforded to Kim Jong Koch Plaza as opposed to what is accorded elsewhere on also well-used nearby city property. 

March 5 sunny and clear Kim Jong Koch Plaza (right); still-covered over at the library, March 6.
Conjoined Quincy Quarry News photos

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