The deceased and his three sons
A family photo

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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap: Still no arrest and thus no signs of justice.

As the fourth week after the Squantum sucker punching homicide draws towards a close without an arrest made, the commencing of justice so remains on hold.

Adding to this appalling state of affairs is how word on the street quickly as well as has consistently noted the same person as the purported assailant.

Quincy Police Headquarters
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

That and how the alleged sucker puncher has various ties to the Quincy Police Department.

In turn, the Quincy Police Department has stepped away from the investigation and handed the case over to the Massachusetts State Police and the Norfolk County District Attorney.

Unknown at this point, however, is if the Quincy Police Department duly recused itself or if it was “encouraged” to do so. 

No comment, no arrest, no justice
A City of Quincy photo

Also unknown is if Quincy police investigators did things by the book until the department withdrew from the investigation.

Granted, homicide investigations often take awhile for all manner of reasons readily understandable.

At the same time, however, the longer this particular investigation goes without an arrest can only give rise to understandable questions.

In the meanwhile, fortunately hundreds showed their support for the deceased’s family at a candlelight vigil last Friday evening at Squantum Elementary School.

No arrest, no justice
A Flickr image

Also fortunate is how donations to the GoFundMe account set up to benefit the deceased’s widow and three sons have soared well past its goal as well as continues to grow. 

Some positive news on this tragedy notwithstanding, Quincy Quarry hopes that its Weekly Fish Wrap readers will appreciate that the Quarry won’t be addressing any more news in this week’s Fish Wrap for reasons obvious.

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