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New Orange Line train car makes test run south of the Charles on actual Orange Line track with other Orange Line cars!


Up until now, the T has been testing that one new Orange Line train on its weird third (test, ed.) track north of Boston, but look at this photo from the T’s Joe Pesaturo tonight.



Could long suffering straphangers actually see at least one new Orange Line car in regular operation as promised by the end of this year?


The MBTA’s excuse for Quincy Center
An excuse


In the meanwhile, however, still no hard word from anyone at the MBTA as to perhaps when new Red Line cars will commence testing and then actual use on the Red Line.


Blown out Red Line Window
An old MBTA Passenger Twitter photo

That or when will needed new train controller equipment be installed so as to both improve train flow in general and shortening the time between trains during peak commute times in particular.


Source: New Orange Line train makes test run south of the Charles

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