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– News about Quincy from Quincy Quarry News.

Lowe’s goes away from the Q.

Yet another business is fleeing Quincy.

Lowe’s Companies, Inc has announced that it will be closing forty-seven of its Lowe’s Home Improvement stores nationwide and one is its Quincy location.

“Home Improvement” problems hit the Q: “MORE POWER, MORE SPENDING !!!”
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No word, however, as to an official closing date in the Q.

Apparently, local sales of Lowe’s more upscale product offerings were less than compelling in more middle market Quincy.

In any event, Lowe’s bailing out of the Q is sure to result in yet another big a hit for Quincy Mayor Koch’s grand plans for “A New Quincy Center” given that Quincy Loew’s location is one of Quincy’s four largest retail stores on a per square foot store size basis.

That and a potentially sizeable hit to local property tax revenue.

Tough Duff when you can’t find Schlitz for sale
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And on an even more troubling yet basis, Quincy Quarry’s expert source on wholesale sales of adult libations has advised it that sales to local package stores have gone soft in usually hard drinking Quincy and a number of stores are not current on their accounts payable to their vendors.

Granted, the holiday season is a hot one for selling the makings of hot toddies and other adult beverages; however, it is hard to rake in big sales when shelves are bare after distributors insist on COD payments on holiday season orders.

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