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– News covered by Quincy Quarry News with commentary added.


Federal Prosecutors secure another guilty plea in the Massachusetts State Police overtime scandal.


Yet another state trooper walked into Boston’s Moakley Federal Courthouse yesterday to answer to charges of swindling the government out of money and pleaded guilty to the charges.


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At this point, federal prosecutors have secured three guilty pleas in their so far six felony indictments of Massachusetts State Police troopers over allegations of grifting pay not due them.


Another forty troopers are under review with many suspended without pay.


Key at this point is to see what sentences are imposed on those who have plead out. 


In the meanwhile, given the way such things typically go, one can only reasonably assume that there is a hard deadline for pleading out and that the sentencing of those who opt to plead out will not be formally imposed until after the deadline passes.


After you porcupine
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In an aside, one of the two assistant US Attorneys who conducted the successful prosecution of the Quincy Police Department’s double and sometimes triple dipper appears to now be leading the feds’ prosecution of similarly scamming staties.


Simply put: yet again, practice makes perfect. 


Source: Another statie pleads not guilty to OT scam

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