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Quincy Center MBTA parking garage demolition project work stoppage?

In the wake of ongoing quietude in the Q of late, Quincy Quarry has identified why things have been relatively quiet – outside of the usual heroin zombies, that is – in Quincy Center: demolition work has stopped on the MBTA’s long condemned and closed Quincy Center parking garage.

As a number of local straphangers and others have noted recently, demolition work on the garage stopped a couple of weeks ago.

No demo work going on here …
A Quincy Quarry News exclusive photo

In turn, per a quintessentially well-placed as well as all but unimpeachable Quincy Quarry resource, the Quarry has been advised of the apparent reason for the work stoppage: the general contractor in charge of things is rumored to have not been paying the subcontractor doing the actual demolition work in a timely manner and the sub walked off of the job after it become fed up over not being paid for its efforts.

Additionally, the general contractor is said to have a bad rep for slow paying at least some of its other vendors.

A Big Dig structural failure
A Michael Dwyer/AP image

Further problematic, the general contractor is arguably the phoenix of Modern Continental of Big Dig infamy.

While Quincy Quarry has not reached to either the Quincy-based general contractor or the MBTA for comment, the Quarry fully expect things to soon be hitting the fan.

And when it does, expect Quincy Quarry to report on it.

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