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A Boston firefighter accused of drunk driving smacks state police cruiser and calling a State Trooper a Nazi.


In the latest local problematic story about local first responders comes one about a Boston firefighter on the eve of his official mandatory retirement on Friday.


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The firefighter is alleged to have struck another vehicle on the Central Artery and then both backing into the cruiser of the statie who pulled him over as well as dropping the other “N-word.”


A reporter endeavored to obtain a comment from the firefighter at his Quincy home, only to face a closed and locked door as well as also closed curtains.


Disorder in the court
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Fortunately for the firefighter as he has a prior drunk driving on record, he was off duty and thus this drunk driving incident will not imperil his retirement benefits. 


Dealing with his impending legal expenses, however, will surely take a bit out of his retirement benefits. 


Source: Firefighter Accused Of Drunk Driving, Calling Trooper ‘Nazi’

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