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Massachusetts State Trooper under investigation over racist online posts.


Breaking badly bad news© keeping breaking for the Massachusetts State Police.


A Massachusetts State Police trooper is under investigation for racist and profane comments he allegedly made on a website.


Facing the media
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The racist comments were first reported by the Boston Globe on Thursday and which prompted a very strong response from Governor Charlie Baker.


Said Baker:  “The fact that those posts and the vulgarity of them date back five, six, seven years, this is not an isolated incident.” 


“This is an ongoing collection of thoughts and comments that have no place in law enforcement, no place in public discussion, no place in our community period.”


A now former Quincy Police Lieutenant
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“The state police has a code of conduct, it’s a good code of conduct and I would argue that the vast majority of the men and women who serve in the State Police uphold and honor that conduct.”


“If those posts were issued by someone who’s a member of the State Police, they are clearly a violation of (the, ed.) code of conduct and he or she should be fired.”


Lock, load, aim and fire
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Adding to the potential problems with the offensive online posts, the state trooper who is suspected of posting them was involved in a recent on duty shooting is facing further problems as the posts indicate someone who has long planned to be quick on the trigger in such situations.


To date, there has been no comment from the suspended trooper’s attorney.

Source: Massachusetts State Trooper Under Investigation For Racist Online Posts

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