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President Donald Trump’s personal Twitter page was shut down for eleven minutes yesterday by someone on his or her last day working for Twitter.


Needless to say, Twitter quickly went into full damage control mode.

In turn, President Trump launched a tweet storm shortly after his account was put back on line.

As per its usual, The New York Times ran a thoughtful piece on the wide range of security shortcomings at social media companies and how contractors in particular can readily – and in this case did – wreak havoc on VIT’s (“Very Important Twits”).


Most annoying, if not even more so than the resumption of Twitter service for the President, was the often mindless chattering by political talking heads about the woefully conflated claims of the importance of social media to our national security, if not also international security.


After all, it’s not like social media are real news media.

Read Full Story: Rogue Twitter employee deactivated Trump’s personal account on last day on the job, company says

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