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Quincy Dead Man Contributes to Mayor Koch’s Campaign Fund?

Courtesy of Quincy Quarry’s wide range of sources both high but mostly low, it has heard word of a purported complaint filing to the Massachusetts Office of Political and Campaign Finance that involves Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s often previously found to be problematic campaign fund.

Digging deep for campaign fund contributions?
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One point apparently noted in this latest complaint involving Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch is about a campaign contribution made this year by someone who would appear to have died last year.

Quincy Quarry has seen the documentation of this aspect of the purported larger complaint filing and it appears to be both compelling as well as probably valid.

Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch is no stranger to problems with his campaign fund.

Follow the money
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Quincy Mayor Koch has been named in a record-setting five of the nine “straw contributions” sanctions that have been administratively adjudicated via Disposition Agreements imposed by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance in the past several years; however, this is first (known, ed.) complaint filing against his campaign fund involving an apparently dead straw contributor.

Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s campaign fund has also been subjected a number of previous complaints about accounting irregularities in his campaign fund books such that his campaign treasurers have had to submit upwards of twenty or more amended periodic campaign fund reports.

Political Fat Cat facing yet another disgorgement?
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Further adding to this first time ever apparent campaign contribution made to the Koch Campaign from the other side, this complaint-filing campaign fund watchdog purportedly found $3,000.00 in campaign contributions given to Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch by a contributor who noted as her place of employment an apparently long dead company that appears to have been subjected to an involuntary dissolution.

Additionally, other candidates campaign funds apparently received even more in total in the way of campaign contributions contemporaneously made by this person and such was apparently also noted to the Office of Campaign and Political Finance for its review and possible – if not likely – sanctioning.

Also problematic with these suspect campaign contributions, this particular contributor is tied to other problematic parties who have already been cited by the Office of Campaign and Political Finance for other campaign contribution violations and thus Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch was concurrently ordered to disgorge their illegal contributions.

As the Office of Campaign and Political Finance duly takes its time to address complaints, it will likely be awhile before a ruling on these latest complaints might be rendered.

Bob! Felt is on line 3.
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Regardless, Quincy Quarry’s ever-growing legions of loyal readers can count on it to report whenever things yet again hit the fan for Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s campaign fund.

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