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– News from elsewhere with significance to Quincy covered by Quincy Quarry News


Alleged Quincy con man Scott Wolas arrested in Florida by FBI agents and apparently at least one lucky balmy weather junket taking Quincy Police officer.


Scott Wolas disappeared in September when friends began to suspect him of scamming them out of more than $1.7 million with a plan to redevelop the former Beachcomber site at Wollaston Beach.


Do I hear only 5 years? Going, going – gone!
A longtime bad Koch habit

This arrest is – in turn – arguably a warm-up for the long anticipated sentencing next month of another local Ponzi scheme grifter.


Will others find themselves facing stints in a Club Fed as Danny Boy is widely expected to sing for a reduced sentence for himself?


Stay tuned as well as do expect Quincy Quarry to cover what is up next for these grifters as well as perhaps others as only the Quarry has the stones to do.

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