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Quincy Quarry Weekly Fish Wrap:  Hookah Holidays to the Q!

With adult use of marijuana becoming officially legal in Massachusetts earlier this month after years of de facto at least tolerated use in the Commonwealth and elsewhere, a relatively new to Quincy Center convenience store decided to make things even more convenient for T commuters by offering a wide assortment of – well – bongs for sale.

So what, apparently, for the fact that the store is only around 750 feet away from Quincy High School.

Making things convenient!
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Then again, perhaps its even closer proximity to City Hall was of importance to at least some inside of City Hall.

Regardless, at least for now: it’s Bongs Away!

Campaign Finance
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And on other fronts, the Koch Maladministration is both continuing to collect Holiday Season campaign fund tithe obligations from all of the city’s connected hack hire layabouts as well as also pressing to give away taxpayer-funded incentive gifts to at least one already very wealthy local multimillionaire.

Specifically, in the latest attempt to try to make Quincy Center merely but mediocre again, Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch has proposed a local taxpayer-funded incentive package for the multimillionaire to build a 15 story luxury apartment building in Quincy Center opposite Quincy District Court.

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Whether – or not – the tenant-seeking marketing plan for this apartment building will be to appeal to cash-flush recreational pharmacologists given an obvious nearby market for their wares in and around Quincy Center remains to be seen.

That and added bonus of easily making court appearances.

In any event, what can be discerned by Quincy Quarry’s crack-addled financial affairs desk is that the mayor’s incentives to the developer would appear to total up to upwards of ten million dollars on what is looking to be around a forty million dollars or so real estate development project.

Notice the resemblance?
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Such a deal!  Opps – wrong year-end holiday.

So what, apparently, that a giveaway deal on city-owned along with all of the other incentives look to perhaps be giving rise to the potential for the developer to enjoy a better to much better return on his investment than the usual expectation for this sort of business venture.

After all, it is the season of giving, even if Mayor Koch’s overall plans to make Quincy Center at least mediocre are ever-increasingly looking likely to be putting coals into the stockings of local taxpayers for upwards of the next forty or so years. 

Plus, it’s not like he is doing so with his own money.

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