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Wollaston Theater is now but a hole in the ground.

After years of multiple failures and thus many broken promises by City of Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch to save the beloved Wollaston Theatre both in general and as a key competent of his now all but hopelessly problematic master plan to make Wollaston Center Great Again, the theater is no more


The Wolly in happier times
An old Google Maps image

It was a long, controversial as well as painful end. 

In the wake of events ranging from Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s de facto co-defaulting on a no money down mortgage to buy the Wollaston Theater for short money to recent injuries suffered by two demolition workers from an accident during the demolition to flat out disappointment of the theaters’ many thousands of fans, the Wolly went out with a final bang by a backhoe.

Simply put, the show will not go on – at least never again at the now no longer standing Wolly or anywhere else around the Q for that matter.

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