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Quincy Koch campaign sign trafficking upended.
In yet another sign that embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch is in trouble as election day approaches, a Quincy Quarry Citizen Photojournalist sent in the featured photo to this story.
Yet again, a picture speaks at least two hundred and eighty-nine words.
While Quincy Quarry firmly believes that lawn signs don’t vote, it would appear safe to assume that the residents of this residence are jumping what is increasingly becoming apparent to likely be a foundering ship.


On the rocks or just foundering?
Photo of the SS Koch?

With embattled incumbent Quincy Mayor Koch coming up wicked short in three prior voter preference polls that were made available to the public, things are not looking good for the embattled incumbent.
Even more problematic for the embattled incumbent, he is looking to do even worse in a fourth and still open public preference poll.
Further problematic, the Koch campaign’s recent incessant robocall phone call polling of locals has been accomplishing little other than motivating more and more local voters to vote against the incumbent on election day as well as so reinforcing the long increasingly apparent bad news for him.
Duly embattled incumbent frowningAn old Facebook photo

Duly embattled incumbent frowning
An old Facebook photo

Apparently, there is an apparent point of diminishing returns, if not also counterproductive outcomes when one has both shaken down as well as on track to spend what more and more are apparently viewing as an obscene amount of special interest-fueled money to attempt to save one’s long problematic political career.
Expect Quincy Quarry to continue to cover the breaking badly election bad news as it continues to break badly for the duly embattled incumbent.
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