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Quincy parking and bus stop signs down are but parking tickets are up.
How up, who the Q knows.
A Quincy Quarry photographic unit took the attached set of pictures recently.
As one can readily see, parking signs around Quincy Center have been installed with little other than bailing wire.


A bailing wired parking sign installation
A Quincy Quarry News photo

As there are no cowboys known to working be in the Q, much less dairy workers, no one working on the road project in Quincy Center apparently knows how to use bailing wire as these jerry-rigged parking signs are falling down as surely not all have been knocked down by stark raving no parking crazed motorists.
The good news, Quincy’s parking ticket meter men are actually working.
The bad news is that they do not have the good sense and/or discretion to not issue a ticket when parking signs are Q’ed up.
Either that or none possess the inclination to see that the down signage is fixed.
The worse news: various taxpayers’ pockets are being picked to pay for the $8 million Hancock Street misalignment project and apparently parking signs are being misaligned.
Then again, City Hall needs to gather up all of the non-tax revenue it can to cover its free spending ways without further raising taxes as much as they would have to otherwise.
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