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Quincy voters overwhelming voted against embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch in yesterday’s primary election.
The votes are in and 59% of the 30.2% of local registered voters who actually turned out to vote in yesterday’s local primary election voted against embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch.
His three challengers somewhat roughly evenly shared the opposing votes, with former Quincy Mayor Bill Phelan coming out ahead and so winning the right continue to challenging the embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch in November’s General Election.

Why is this man smiling? An old Boston Globe photo

Why is this man smiling? An old Boston Globe photo

Phelan received 37% of the votes cast against Koch, with the other two challenger, City Councillor Doug Gutro and School Committee Member Anne Mahoney each receiving just short of 32% of the anti Koch vote.
As regular Quincy Quarry readers will surely recall, the Quarry both formally projected as well as internally expected that the duly embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch would be likely to receive somewhere between 40% to 45% of vote in yesterday’s primary.
The Quarry also published word from its longtime local municipal mole “French Kiss” that embattled Mayor Koch had told his minions that he expected around 40% or so of the vote yesterday as well as that this would put in him good stead for November’s General Election.
Support for Koch dropping to ground?An old Facebook photo

Koch support dropping to ground?
An old Facebook photo

However, how but 41% of the vote opposite a 59% clearly anti-Koch vote bodes well for embattled incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch is beyond rational understanding.
Then again, perhaps the incumbent is holding off on unleashing his traditional universal as well as unilateral support in Ward 7/Mount Wollaston Cemetery.
Even so, the incumbent’s traditional blitzkrieging of campaign signs all around town Q and so littering what little scenic remains in the ever increasingly  overbuilt Q surely clouds at least his bravura after the ballots were counted last night.
Koch trafficking the PM commute trafficA Quincy Quarry News photo

Koch trafficking the PM commute traffic
A Quincy Quarry News photo

Moreover, after the Koch Committee spent a currently estimated $400,000.00 through yesterday’s primary election, surely the usual suspect special interests had expected that their significantly funding spending what turned out to cost $60.00 a vote should have resulted in better results.
Regardless, expect Quincy Quarry to continue to cover this local election season as only it can.
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