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Quincy has a positive new first in Quincy Center after a string of recent economic downturns ranging from failed redevelopment plans to the pending closing of Quincy Medical Center: the opening of New England’s purportedly first (official, ed) cannabis learning center.
The New England Grass Roots Institute is the first first for Quincy after a long run of mostly seconds:  home of the Second President of the United States and later a second President from Quincy, second city status – at best – to Boston, ad infinitum as well as ad nauseum.
Similarly, even when Quincy enjoyed number one status as was the case for the both the original Howard Johnson’s restaurant as well as the first Dunkin Donuts, there is currently no presence of HoJo’s in the Q and the original Dunkies has long since been replaced by a new structure.

USS Salem at sea in 1952 - a US Navy photo

USS Salem at sea in 1952 – a US Navy photo

Even worse, the USS Salem – the proxy second to the USS Quincy as well as an homage to the long closed Fore River Shipyard – has been essentially evicted and is currently slated to be towed to East Boston.
Still, with Quincy also on track to become one of the first host cities to host medicinal marijuana pot shops in the Commonwealth, one can only assume that The New England Grass Roots Institute is looking forward to an extended run in Quincy – at least so long as the rumored second trip to bankruptcy court for Twinkies can be quickly repackaged as a reorganization plan.
Whether – or not – medicinal marijuana dealers are going to be able to set up regular bank accounts, however, remains to be seen given concerns over draconian federal illegal drug trafficking asset seizure statutes.
Fortunately for The New England Grass Roots Institute, it claims to only be offering educational items as opposed to directly engaging in any still federally illegal trafficking.
Ermont Inc, © assumed

Ermont Inc, © assumed

Unfortunately, however, Mayor Koch has apparently failed to appreciate the potential problems that a potential lack of a bank account for pending Quincy pot shop franchisee Ermont, Inc to effect payment on any host agreement with the City of Quincy might cause, much less that of the hypothetical potential of a federal seizure of the City of Quincy for so benefiting financially from trafficking.
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