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Within two days of publication of Running Late as Usual by Quincy Quarry, calls by concerned   impacted local business operators as to when sidewalk replacement work might actually be done were finally answered by the Hancock Street realignment project liaison.
The good news is that concerned business owners who have been struggling to stay in business in Quincy Center during the tenure of the Koch Maladministration need not worry about sidewalk construction work laying waste to their holiday season busy season.
The bad news, the sidewalk reconstruction work that was planned to be completed BEFORE the end of this year’s outdoor construction season has been postponed until next sometime spring.
Further bad news: no word was provided as to perhaps a possibly more realistic and merely but soft date – say, in what year – when the Hancock Street realignment project might actually be completed.
Then again, such is to be expected given the standard long suspected threat of a slow and painful death for anyone tied to City Hall who might even but inadvertently speak forthrightly when asked a relevant question.

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