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A mayoral preference telephone poll for the unfortunately far too distant 2015 City of Quincy elections was recently conducted.

The number of those contacted appears to have been considerable given all of the talk on the street.

One amazing outcome of the poll is that anyone actually responded. After all, poll-takers are only slightly less abhorred than telemarketers.

Additionally, there has been considerable speculation as to who commissioned this poll.

The four proposed candidates noted in the poll were City Councillor Douglas Gutro, incumbent Mayor Thomas P. Koch, School Committee member Anne Mahoney and former Quincy Mayor William Phelan.

In turn, one among this slate is thus widely suspected as the likely source of interrupted dinners and the like by annoying poll-takers.

Apparently, many locals are not aware of how named names can be used as a way to discern the strengths – and most especially any weaknesses – of the usual suspects by someone who is not yet viewed as interested in running.

In this case, however, one of the four surely was the source of these polling crank calls.

man-with-phonesWhile the general consensus is that it was Mayor Koch, any number of recent events would obviously would not be a good time for him to be conducting a poll. Plus, all manner of even more bad news is pending.

Then again, when would be a good time from him to conduct a poll?

Still, given Koch’s penchant for running late and then overspending – BIG TIME – to try to catch up after so dropping the ball as well as his surprisingly modest (reported, ed.) campaign fund balance given his spending habits, and frequent problems with his campaign fund reports, Koch is thus all but assuredly not responsible for the dinner disrupting telephone poll.

Plus, the mayor surely views mealtime as all but sacred.

Neither is it likely to have been Anne Mahoney. A key reason is, per her most recent OCPF filing, she was still digging out from the debt incurred during her surprisingly substantial vote total campaign in her 2011 again Mayor Koch on a budget that was roughly an eighth of what was ultimately spent (officially, ed.) by Koch.

Phelan is also not the likely offender as he is too busy laughing at the unending string of Koch Maladministration cost overruns, delays, fires and numerous other snafus.

This leaves Gutro as the prime suspect. Plus, Quincy Quarry has long known that Gutro has been considering running for mayor in 2015 as well as reaching out to professional political advisers. Additionally, Gutro appears to have had more in his campaign account than did Koch at the end of 2013, the last time both had to file reports on their accounts.

As for the numbers, Quincy Quarry also has a solid sense of the poll’s findings given that it has sources in places both high but mostly low.

bomb-with-fuseSpecifically, while Koch might not finish fourth in a primary if one had actually held at the time of the poll, it was not clear if he would have made it to the general election.

Similarly, even if Koch were to have survived the hypothetical primary, he was still found to be likely to go 0 for 3 against the three prospective opponents one on one in a runoff election.

The only possible wild cards to save the Koch Maladministration are two.

One is the Mount Wollaston/Ward 7 vote as none of these mostly very longtime resident and regular voters are available for polling. Fortunately for the Koch Maladministration, these voters’ absentee ballots always come in on time as well as usually arrive en masse with exactly the same sort of postage.

The other is if someone can figure out in time how to creatively reprogram the new local voting machines that are slated to replace the old and easily reprogrammed old machines long “used” in Quincy.

Finally, as for the comments offered up about the various prospective candidates by those polled, it is further all but certain that many of those not amenable to publication were about the Koch Maladministration.

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