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First, Streets-Works bails out on Mayor Thomas Koch’s grandiose plans for Quincy Center. Then City Hall goes up in flames, followed closely by Koch’s plans for Koch Stadium, née Teel Field, at his terminal alma mater North Quincy High School gets “DEP’ed” – not to mention that the Thomas P. Koch Parcourse at Quincy High School continues to be running late as well as all but assuredly over budget.
Now, however, perhaps only locusts laying waste to Quincy could top the latest curiosity caused by the Koch Maladministration: misaligned runs of sidewalk.
As shown in exclusive Quincy Quarry photography, apparently construction crews working on the Hancock Street realignment project were told to do other than what even the least experienced new concrete worker knows not to do: misalign new pours of new sidewalk.
So unprecedented is this latest new low by the Koch Maladministration that word of it reached the Starship Enterprise.
double face palmSurely there is an explanation; however, Quincy Quarry long ago tired of listening to Koch spokesmodel Chris “Pinocchio” Walker wax ridiculous and thus did not bother to reach out to City Hall for comment.
Plus, it is the Columbus Day holiday weekend and Walker is surely away for the weekend – say, out to the very tip of the end of the Cape.

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