<![CDATA[Old Quincy City Hall Fire Damage Quincy Quarry News Photo
Following the destructive City Hall fire earlier this week, workers replaced the flimsy plastic fabric material over the windows with plywood. See fire scene photo, left)
If only this but basic as well as inexpensive securing of the building had been done immediately after two alleged thefts of copper from the construction site over the weekend – or at least night human security initiated – BEFORE the devastating fire Tuesday morning, this latest avoidable disaster on the Koch Maladministration’s watch might have been avoided.
Instead, the two alleged thieves as well as the purported arsonist had long since left the building before appropriate steps to duly secure the building were instituted. (see photo below)
quincy-city-hall-after-fire-279Quincy Quarry did not reach out for comment from any city officials as it did not see the point of so setting itself up to be ignored by those who should be answering questions.

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