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Mayor Thomas P. Koch’s campaign fund books are yet again under review by the audit department of the Office of Campaign and Political Finance (“OCPF”) given obvious anomalies – a Quincy Quarry exclusive report.
The Koch Committee has been required to file regular reports with OCPF since the start of 2010.
Since the start of required filings with OCPF by the Koch Committee, its six most campaign fund report filings out of the seven required to date were found to be in error and so had to redone as well as then refiled with OCPF a total of 14 times.
In other words, over three tries on average per reporting period is the charm for the Koch Committee.
Now its first report for the whole Calendar Year for 2010, the oldest report that the Koch Committee has had to file, has been referred to the audit department of OCPF given obvious anomalies with this report as compared with Koch’s first of three required report filings in 2011.
Per the seven reports submitted to OCPF to date, Mayor Koch acknowledges receipt of $733,745.34 in campaign fund donations between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2013 – an average of just over $100,000.00 per reporting period.
One cannot help but thus wonder about the books for the city’s several hundred million dollar annual budgets given that Mayor Koch has shown himself incapable of managing to see that mere $100,000.00 range reports are right until the third try.
Additionally, a review of Koch’s Year-end 2011 report indicates that his campaign had to raise over $26,000.00 after the 2011 election so as to finish the year in the black.
Koch’s 2012 report further indicates that thousands of dollars in 2011 reelection campaign expenses were not paid until 2012.
In total, Koch spent almost $300,000.00 from his official campaign funds during the 2011 whereas his opponent spend less than $45,000.00 on her campaign.
Conversely, Koch spent only $159,000.00 in reported campaign funds in 2013 running unopposed.
Even so, both of his two 2013 QCPF report filings still had to be redone.]]>

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