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Hancock Garage’s new elevator recently out of service

With the Trump impeachment trial sucking up all of the media oxygen on the national level recently, Quincy Quarry was slow to follow up on continuing problems with the City of Quincy’s new $46 million and six level parking garage in Quincy Center.

Anyone have need of a step ladder?
A Quincy Quarry file photo

In this latest new Hancock Garage exposé, the Quarry is exposing problem with the garage’s new elevator: it was out of service.

One would think that for forty-six large, the elevator would work; however, in light of the delay in seeing the garage open on schedule, grave safety concerns about its design, and problems in seeing its parking fee equipment put into service, an out of service elevator is arguably par for the Koch.

Not my fault. In fact, it’s never my fault.
A Quincy Quarry News file photo

Then again, there is surely an excuse. 

After all, the Koch Maladministration always an excuse.

That and the ever growing legions of loyal Quincy Quarry readers can thus expect even more of the same to be exposéd by the Quarry.

After all – and again, the pickings are easy.

Wicked easy …

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