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Valentine’s Day free tattoo removal offers!

Getting grief from your current squeeze over a previous and probably drunken indelible memorializing of a former squeeze with a tattoo but now a little short of extra cash tohave it removed?

Not to worry!

Four of the largest tattoo removal companies in North America have teamed up to help you out of trouble with a Valentine’s Day special: they are offering the first removal session free of charge, no questions asked.

Just be sure to note “first removal session.”

In any event, the participating company operating in Massachusetts has a physical location in Boston as well as offers mobile removal services in seven communities in Eastern Massachusetts and one more in Rhode Island.

Additionally, if it is not possible to stop by in time to take advance of this Valentine’s Day promotion, look to Groupo for other promotional offers.

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Source: Tattoo Removal Companies Offer Lovers Fresh Start for Valentine’s Day


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