More than a hero – rather, a role model.
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Quincy Center will never be the same

It is the end of an era: arguably the police officer’s police officer hung up his badge this week and then received a fond farewell from his fellow officers.

Quincy Police Department patrol officer Mike Brandolini pounded the Quincy Center beat on foot for decades, working hard to keep the mean streets of Quincy Center a little less mean.

Officer Mike well knows his former beat as well as its usual suspects.

Protecting those he long served.
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He also knows all of the great vantage points and trouble spots in Quincy Center. 

Even better, he long enjoyed the respect and friendship of many of those whom he served and long protected.

In all truth, about the only negative thing that can be said about Mike is that he wouldn’t wear his bullet proof vest, not even when layering up with layers during the winter was needed.

Most importantly, Mike always strove to do the right thing, be it successfully chasing down a perp or especially when he respectfully and effectively dealt with a troubled person.

Granted, it won’t be the same in the wake of his departure from the force, but Mike has well set the example for those who will follow his innumerable footsteps.

Enjoying a well-earned break
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Also fortunate, he plans to return in uniform as an auxiliary officer to work his choice of details and so continue to help keep local streets safe after taking a well-deserved break and warmer weather returns later this year.

After all, one can only play so much golf and after a while even fishing can get old.

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