Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker is no longer the most popular governor in the country, according to a new poll from Morning Consult.

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Charlie Baker no longer the most popular governor in the country.

After a multi-year run as the most popular governor in the country per Morning Consult polling, the most recent Morning Consult favorabilitiy polling dropped Governor Baker to third place.

While Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is no longer the most popular governor in the country after suffering a 4% drop in his favorability rating and which some may view as an only to be expected second term slump, a closer look at the data would suggest otherwise.

For example, Baker’s but 4% favorabiity drop is within the statistical margin of error.

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Additionally – as well as technically, Baker finished in a three-way tie with identical 69% favorably ratings, but was dropped to third place per the relying on the unfavorable stats as the tiebreaker.

Even so, Baker’s 19% unfavorable rating is within the margin of error when compared with the 16% unfavorable rating for Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland, the second place finisher in a photo finish.

Additionally, given the sparse population of Wyoming, its Republican Governor Mark Gordon’s first place winning but 11% unfavorable rating would probably skyrocket to 22% given but a couple of undecided ratings shifting over to unfavorable.

And on an overall national basis, the data do not bode well for Democrats as Republican governors filled the top ten slots

Additionally, Republicans hold more governorships than do Democrats

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Further boding ill for Democrats, the latest survey found that Hawaii’s Governor David Ige to be the most unpopular governor in office with an even worse than President Trump 56% unfavorable rating, followed closely by Democratic Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo in second place with a 55% unfavorable rating after the putative second most unpopular governor Matt Bevin, the former Republican governor of Kentucky, was voted out of office in a close election two months ago.

Source: Charlie Baker Falls To Third In Most Popular Governor Poll 

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