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Quincy Square riot breaks out at twilight on Friday.

An otherwise quiet Friday afternoon was suddenly disrupted in front of Quincy’s two City Halls at approximately 4:23 PM.

An angry taxpayer
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While at first the Quincy Quarry personnel on the scene who were working another possible story thought it might be angry local property owners protesting their first quarter of 2020 property tax bills, it quickly became obvious that the rioters were more likely high school students engaging in bullying.

Also unfortunate, things were breaking so quickly and the participants were moving about so rapidly that the Quarry personnel were unable to photo document events.

What can happen if one packs a gat
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Even so, it was still clearly obvious that these youth did not know how to fight as well as fortunate that apparently none of those involved were packing.

In any event, the Quarry personnel on the scene were able to call it in to the Quincy Police Department and did so directly rather than going through the 911 system.

After seemingly interminable ringing, the call was finally answered and the Quarry reporter was advised that calls about the incident had already been received.

Fortunately, before the police arrived on the scene, a local Quincy Square formal female fashion purveyor boldly waded into the crowd and effectively broke up most of the crowd.

Special interests
A ThePeoplesVoice.org graphic

As near as could be seen given a fast breaking event, about the only outside party inconvenienced by the unruly crowd appears to have been a former member of the US House of Representatives who ‘retired’ from office under fire and who is now a long ongoing ongoing and well-remunerated  “legal consultant” to Quincy Mayor Thomas P. Koch on his long ongoing and expensive efforts to attempt to revitalize Quincy Center in ways economically beneficial to the City of Quincy’s coffers instead of just those of favored developers and their entourages.

Given the only to be expected no comment from the police department, Quincy Quarry did not bother contacting the Quincy Police Department to ask if an additional charge of senior abuse might be on the table if, in fact, the preps were identified.

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